Audio files

Audio files

Audio files
(homilies, talks, conferences, etc.)

Prominent homilists, theologians, clergy, and others teach us, strengthen us, and spiritually console us through their words and modern technology. You can listen to or download the files in mp3 format. There are talks on a variety of interesting topics, homilies, interpretations of Holy Scripture, talks and announcements from theological conferences and other spiritually beneficial and instructive audio files.

In order to listen to a file on the monastery website’s media player, click on the title or image of the file. If your browser already uses a media player, you can listen to a file on it by clicking “download.” (By right-clicking on “download” you can download the file onto your computer.)

Homilies by Fr. Josiah Trenham
Here are presented lectures and Sunday homilies by Fr. Josiah Trenham. He is the priest at St. Andrew Orthodox Church in Riverside, California... (16/7/2011)
Postcards from Greece (mp3)
An intriguing glimpse at Orthodox life in Greece... (23/4/2011)
Elder Athanasios Mitilinaios - Homilies
Homilies and Answers to Different Spiritual Questions by Elder Athanasios Mitilinaios... (16/9/2011)
From General Hospital to the Hospital of Souls: Interview with Jonathan Jackson
Four-time Emmy award-winner Jonathan Jackson... (14/6/2014)


New Audio Files
Fr. Josiah Trenham - I Feel Judged: Living with St. John the Baptist–Sunday after Theophany 2017 (mp3)
Fr. Josiah Trenham - Lecture 1: Job’s Suffering and Patience (mp3-2015)
Fr. Josiah Trenham -The New Job: St. Eustathios (mp3-2015)
Fr. Josiah Trenham - The Christian Dream of Transfiguration is Not the American Dream (mp3-2015)
Fr. Josiah Trenham - The World Needs Us: Salt and Light (mp3-2015)
Fr. Josiah Trenham - St. Paisios the New of Mt. Athos (mp3-2015)
Father Josiah Trenham - Don’t Short-Circuit Your Metamorphosis: All Saints (mp3-2015)
Father Josiah Trenham - Rivers from the Heart for a Parched People: Holy Pentecost (mp3-2015)
Father Josiah Trenham -Prayer for Retention: Sunday of the Holy Fathers (mp3-2015)
Father Josiah Trenham - Heart is Where the Home is: The Blind Man (mp3-2015)

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