The life of our Blessed Mother Maria of Egypt
“She received spirit, having discarded the flesh long ago; ... (2/4/2017)
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New Age
The “New Age” movement is a combination of Eastern Cults and ancient mystic teachings connected with Gnosticism and Spiritism... (23/8/2010)
Ecumenism, the greatest heresy of the twentieth century, preaching the dogmatic and religious syncretism(blending) and tending towards a single type of pan - religion
Papism. If we recognize Pope Pius 9th as infallible, then we should also recognize as infallible all his predecessors...
Idolatry - Paganism
Idolatry - Paganism. The belated idolaters, the as they are known, who have appeared in our time, do not have the simplicity of the lay pagans nor the maturity of those who seriously studied our ancient religion.
Theofano, the Hellene regent of Germany
The dream of Otto I - the German Duke of Saxony and king of Germany and Italy (912-973) ... (21/10/2016)
The Jesus Prayer and its application - Book Presentation
The new book titled «The Jesus Prayer and its application» (16/7/2016)
The Theological Dialogues and their failure
by Protopresbyter Fr. George D. Metallinos (22/6/16)
Just before the Holy and Great Council by Metropolitan of Nafpaktos Hierotheos
Metropolitan of Nafpaktos and St Vlassios HIEROTHEOS (16/6/2016)
Letter from the Holy Monastery of Karakallos, Mt. Athos, regarding the Pan Orthodox Council
To the Venerable Sacred Community of the Holy Mountain In Karyes (1/5/2016)
Another Hierarch appeals to the Holy Synod concerning the Pan-Orthodox Council
Met. Seraphim of Piraeus has sent a letter to the Holy Synod... (16/3/2016)
The Perpetual Holy Synod of the Church of Greece:  On the cremation of the dead
Third meeting of the Synod for the month of January.... (30/1/2016)
CREMATION:   Incinerating every human trace of our dearly departed
A “scorching” sermon by Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus.... (21/1/2016)
Chapter 6 from the book Nick Marvel and the war with the beast.... School Exercises
Nick Marvel was running as fast as he could… . (16/12/2015)
A possible discussion with very interesting points
... (27/11/2015)
Book Presentation - NICK MARVEL and the war with the BEAST
If you have grown weary of the morbid clime of magic and occultism in children’s spectacles and literature… (15/11/2015)
Hollywood star Jonathan Jackson's visit to the Holy Mountain (video-photo)
A Hollywood Star talks to “Ayioritiko Vima” and declares that he is a fan of the Holy Mountain... (3/5/2015)
UNIA: The face and the Disguise (New edition)
Protopresbyter Fr. George Metallinos, Professor Emeritus of the Athens University School of Theology. (28/4/2015)
France and Christianity today
Statistics of crimes against Christians in France Published... (3/3/2015)
The Way - An introduction to the Orthodox Faith (Βοοκ)
Protopresbyter Fr. George D. Metallinos Professor Emeritus of the Athens University (27/8/2014)
To our brethren who converted from Islam to Protestantism or Roman Catholicism
Dear brothers and sisters... (8/8/2014)
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